Timolol is a non-selective β-adrenergic blocker, which does not possess significant intrinsic sympathomimetic or local anaesthetic (membrane-stabilising) activity. When applied topically in the eye, it reduces both elevated and normal intraocular pressure by inhibiting the production of aqueous humour.


Each ml contains:

Timolol Maleate BP equivalent to Timolol 0.5% w/v;

Benzalkonium chloride Solution BP 0.02% v/v; (As preservative)

Sterile Aqueous Vehicle

Reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in conditions such as:

  • Ocular hypertension;
  • Chronic open-angle glaucoma (including aphakic patients);
  • Some cases of secondary glaucoma.

Timolens should be used with the following indications:

Adults and children over 12 years: recommended therapy is one drop of Timolens 0.5% Eye Drops in the affected eye(s) twice a day.


Dosage need not be modified for the elderly as there has been wide experience with the use of Timolens Eye Drops 0.5% in elderly patients. When using nasolacrimal occlusion or closing the eyelids for 2 minutes, the systemic absorption is reduced. This may result in a decrease in systemic side effects and an increase in local activity.

Intraocular pressure should be reassessed approximately four weeks after starting treatment because response to Timolens Eye Drops 0.5% may take a few weeks to stabilise. Provided that intraocular pressure is maintained at satisfactory levels, many patients can then be placed on once daily therapy.

If necessary, concomitant treatment with miotics, epinephrine and/or carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can be instituted. In order to prevent the active substance(s) from being washed out when additional ophthalmic medication is used, an interval of at least 10 minutes between each application is recommended. The use of two topical beta-adrenergic agents is not recommended.

Transfer from other topical beta-blocking agents: Discontinue use after a full day of therapy and start treatment with Timolens Eye Drops 0.5% the next day, with one drop in each affected eye twice daily.

Transfer from a single antiglaucoma agent other than a topical beta-blocking agent:

Continue the agent and add one drop of Timolens Eye Drops 0.5% in each affected eye twice daily. On the following day, discontinue the previous agent completely, and continue with Timolens Eye Drops 0.5%.

Patients should be instructed to remove soft contact lenses before using Timolens.