Blood glucose lowering drugs, excl. insulins: Sulfonamides, urea derivatives.


Gvardens 1 : Each uncoated tablet contains:

  • Glimepiride USP 1 mg;

Gvardens 2 : Each uncoated tablet contains:

  • Glimepiride USP 2 mg;

Gvardens 3 : Each uncoated tablet contains:

  • Glimepiride USP 3 mg;

Gvardens 4 : Each uncoated tablet contains:

  • Glimepiride USP 4 mg;

Should be used with the following indications:

  • Iindicated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, when diet, physical exercise and weight reduction alone are not adequate.

Successful treatment of diabetes mellitus depends on patient’s adherence to an appropriate diet, regular physical activity and continuous monitoring of glucose levels in blood and urine. Patient’s failure to adhere to the diet is not compensated by taking tablets or insulin. The drug is used in adults. The tablet should be swallowed without chewing, followed by liquid.

The dosage depends on serum and urine glucose levels. Generally, Gvardens is used once daily. It is recommended to use the drug shortly before or with a substantial breakfast or, if breakfast is not taken, shortly before or with the main meal. If you have missed a regular dose, do not increase the next dose.


The initial dose is 1 mg of glimepiride daily. If such dose helps to adequately control the sugar level, it should be used as a supporting dose.

If glycemic control is not optimal, the dose should be gradually increased (with an interval of 1-2 weeks) to 2, 3 or 4 mg of glimepiride daily. If the patient experiences hypoglycemic reaction to 1 mg of Gvardens per day, this means that the disease may be controlled only by the diet. The dose of more than 4 mg daily gives better results only in isolated cases.

The maximum recommended dose is 6 mg of Gvardens daily.